The Electric House Project

In science class, we spent a couple weeks learning about electricity and how to build circuits with wires. At the end of the unit, we partnered up with a peer with the challenge of building a model house out of cardboard, wires and other materials. This was a tough challenge, our house had to consist of three lights, a buzzer, and a motor. This project taught us how to collaborate effectively, and how to troubleshoot problems. After everyone had finished we put all our houses on one circuit and made our own electric cardboard town.


My Ideal World

I created a planet called Rocces and it is a soccer planet. It is located in the Milky Way. Its lightsource is the sun. Rocces looks like a big soccer ball. Rocces is in the middle of the solar system and a year is 200 days. There are 4 seasons: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. Temperatures range from 25 degrees in the winter and 90 degrees in the summer, it is the same temperature, time, and sunlight on the entire planet. It snows for 65% of the Winter. Do you like the weather on this planet?

The nature of Rocces is based on Earth.The plants and animals are identical to Earth. Accept that palm trees are all over the planet. It is impossible for animals to go extinct. Hunting is illegal unless you have a permit. There is an ocean flowing down the middle of the planet creating two continents. All rocks found on earth can be found on Rocces. But unlike Earth, Rocces has a core made of gold. The air is perfectly clean and everything is solar powered. Rocces has one moon that is made of gold. The sky is dark blue at night and light blue in the day.

There are two continents called Bundesliga and La Liga. The people of each continent elect 5 representatives for their continent and all 10 create the supreme team. They vote on decisions and laws brought to them. The population of Rocces is 3 billion people. Split evenly between the two continents. Each town has its own court of nine members that decide laws and a governor. The governor is in charge of the police, fire department and hospitals. He is also in charge of the budget and economy of their town. All the governors come together and become the group of leaders for their continents. They decide on laws for their entire continent’s laws.

Each continent has its own soccer league of 20 teams. All the teams compete against the teams in their league. The top 4 from each league come together to compete in the Super Cup. Winning team is the champion of the world. Towns can form their own teams and try to get into their continent league.

Everyone on Rocces gets along because all issues are brought to their towns court. Food rains from the sky every 7 days so world hunger is not an issue. If you ever are below the poverty line the government will help you with their unlimited money only if they are working and their salary is too small to pay for their lives. So people won’t try to steal. During elementary and middle school everyone takes the same courses, but in high school and college you can pick what you study. You are required to pick 7 subjects that your school offers but it is completely up to you on what you pick. 

On Rocces there are very cool robots that do your chores: dishes, laundry, clean your room, etc. There is always a team of scientists working on advancing our technology.

Some cool things on Rocces are there is an all you can eat ice cream buffet in the middle of each continent. Each family is given 2 cars once they have their first kid, and 100,000 gold coins for each kid. Lots of sports exist but soccer is the main one. Soccer academies are 10 gold coins and they train players for their city’s team. There is no crime on Rocces either. The number for the fire department and paramedics is 123,456,890.

Would you want to live on Rocces?  


Field Trip

On Friday, January 27th, my peers and I stepped onto the bus ready to head to the Raleigh museum of Natural Sciences. When we got there, we sorted into our groups and headed inside. As soon as we got inside I knew it would be awesome! I saw a model of the Titanic, huge dinosaur skeletons, and so much more. As we walked around I saw a ton of cool animals like snakes and spiders. We learned about ancient animals and artifacts from millions of years ago. We also got to see the really cool RACE exhibit, it talked about how race is a made up thing and had lots of cool posters on how race came to be. Thank you so much to Raleigh museum of Natural Sciences for letting us come and giving us a great time.



Window or Mirror Book

Image from Sora

A window or mirror book is a way to tell if your book is like your life. If the book/main character has a life like yours it is a mirror. A window is if their life is not like your life.

A book I have enjoyed reading recently is The Compound by S.A Bodeen. This book is a window because I don’t live in a compound and my dad is not evil. I’m also not a teenager. That is why this book is a window for me.



If you didn’t know already, I really like soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was 2 years old. It is my favorite sport followed by American football. Soccer is a very fun sport and it teaches me a lot of skills in life. Some are to communicate with other people and how to be aware of your surroundings. It also is a fun way to get outside and be active. I hope to see you give soccer a try.

Wisdom Tale Rap

William and I partnered up for our Wisdom Tale project. The wisdom tale we chose was “A Monk with Heavy Thoughts” and we presented it in a rap.
Rap lyrics:

beat x2  Two zen monks walked on a muddy road [beat] but when the elder monk saw a woman! Scooped her up and walked over, puddle! [beat]  hours and hours and hours and hours lateeer![beat]  the younger monk said (PAUSE)  We dont touch dem woman [beat] the elder monk says    why then hours and hours and hours and hours later! [beat] why are u still carryin her. (Say ohhhhhhhh)

bold is Terrick’s lines.

non bold is William’s lines.

Camp Hanes

On Thursday morning the sixth grade went on a trip to camp Hanes for one night. I was nervous when we stepped on the bus and began driving away. I had never been to a sleep away camp before. But when we got to the camp I knew it would be fun, I saw a waterslide, huge mountains, and a basketball court. All a sudden I was super excited, and knew it would be awesome.

One of my favorite parts of Camp Hanes were the activities. My favorite activity was probably the hike, the epic view at the top was worth the steep climb. Although the climb up was steep, it was fun doing it with my friends. After we got down the mountain we played a game called survival, it was girls vs boys to see which team could make a better fort out of sticks. Our counselor also brought a lighter, so each team got to make a mini fire. It was super fun!

I was proud that I slept overnight, I was super nervous and scared. But the stuff we did before bed made me a lot less scared. By the time it was time for bed I was not nervous at all. Camp Hanes was super fun and thank you for letting us come and giving us an awesome time!

Finding Someplace Backpack

Over the summer we read a book called Finding Someplace by Denise Lewis Patrick. The book was about a girl named Reesie. She and her parents lived in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. When Katrina struck her street both her parents were at work so she had to pack a survival backpack without help. She packed her parents’ important papers, her phone, and Mrs. Martine’s picture frame. She couldn’t get in touch with her parents and while leaving the city she stopped to help a neighbor, Mrs. Martine, an elderly woman. She got caught in her house with her. Then Reesie had to escape with her backpack.

If a hurricane was to hit Durham, these are things I would pack in my backpack. First, I would grab a phone for communication and checking the news. I would need a flashlight in case the power goes out and I need light. I would also pack a change of clothe and shoes in case I get lost and my other clothes are dirty. I would also pack money so I can buy food and a water bottle so I can have water. Next, I would pack an umbrella in case it rains really hard, I can go outside to get from place to place and a blanket in case it is cold. The last thing I would pack would be my Worlds Futsal second place medal because it is probably my favorite thing I own. These are the things I would pack in my backpack in case of an emergency. 

Football is Life

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